About Me

My name is Stanley, I am a software engineer from Germany, currently living in Switzerland. I have been interested in astronomy and Astrophotography for years.

As of late I was able to acquire a decent equipment to shoot the skies. And this is what I do now for a hobby – shoot for and at the stars. The journey started in June 2017 when I had a lot of free time on my hands and bought a simple DSLR and a tripod. Then it went rapidly downhill from there – a small motorized mount, my first telescope, a way larger larger mount and scope, cooled camera. And it goes on. For more information check out my equipment page and my timeline!

If you want to contact me for questions about Astrophotography, suggestions and basically everything else feel free to drop by in Discord, contact me via my Facebook page or directly via the contact form below.

Disclaimer: this site will always be free of ads and monetization. I will not use affiliate links and all images will be distributed under the Creative Commons license as stated in the footer. This site will stay non-profit. Should I add something like a small shop expect to be informed about the profit margins. All profits will only be used to extend this site or pay for the hosting. This site is for educational use to bring the stars to the people who cannot see them or people who try to get the stars to them.

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