New Image in Progress: Caldwell 4

Hello everyone!

I have a new image in the works: Caldwell 4.

So let me tell you a story all about how
I almost lost all my data this morning right now
Woke up at 3:20 900m over the sea
The data was ready, time for disassembly
It was pretty cold and I was freezing my ass
I took the SD card and put in my pants
The fuel tank almost empty I just want to get home
Noticing half way down the mountain the SD card is gone
Was frantically looking for it, I knew I put it away
Was not to be found, what a great day
Fueling up halfway home and turning back
I must find it it must be on the track
Arrived on my site I almost drove over the card
Found it on the road completely unharmed
4h of data was rescued that way
No fucking shit I’m tired today

Here’s the integrated preview of L and RGB data. L turned out defocused, again. I don’t know why this keeps happening.

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