New Image: NGC7023 / Caldwell 4 – Iris Nebula

Hello fellow Star Gazers,

after a cold and stressful night with several mishaps I decided to process the data I have as soon as I could. Again issues with bad collimation and focus (I’m seriously going to buy a new focuser soon). Anyhow I still hope you enjoy the image and the work that went into it.

Visit the project page for further information and all full sized images (two different full sized normal images as well as annotated) by following the link below:

NGC7023 – Iris Nebula

So, what did I learn today? Focus is important, mkay. Also I desperately need a new focuser.

PS: Want to shoot your own space pics? Interested in starting out with Astrophotography? Check out the ongoing article series Starting with Astrophotography Part 1: Equipment Tiers and stay tuned for parts 2 and 3.

Clear skies!

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