New Image: Sadr Widefield

Hello fellow Star Gazers,

with the blood moon on Friday I decided to go out imaging and test out my new Samyang 135mm lens. No, I didn’t get any blood moon shots. I am really not a fan of the moon (it kills my ability to do DSO! :(). I think the result of the image is overall great, shows a lot and am I very happy with the result.

So without further ado, you can find the full image with every bit of general, technical and postprocessing details, including full annotated images by following the link to the image below:

Sadr Widefield

Anything I’ve learned this time? Hell yeah, f/2 is a monster!

PS: Want to shoot your own space pics? Interested in starting out with Astrophotography? Check out the various articles on my Articles page!

Clear skies!

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